Isotonix OPC-3® Beauty Blend - Single Bottle (45 Servings)

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OPC beauty blend has been key to a more youthful look! Hair and nails grow quicker, my hair texture is so different after a year of beauty blend!! I love that salons i work with promote it with the beauty bliss ####tail at theirnstations!!


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I Love Beauty Blend

since using this product my nails are growing healthy and strong also I can say my hair is getting thicker and softer and no more breakage this is such a great blend. I will need a new style soon !! Love this product


Isotonix OPC-3® Beauty Blend

Using this product along with the Isotonix Essentials Kit is much better than taking a multi-vitamin pill and it works much faster. I would also highly recommend this product too.


Dissolves instantly in water

Like all vitamins, the taste is unique - but it instantly dissolves in water and the benefits outweigh something like liquid fizzy gummy bears.


We Are ALL Amazed!!

Not only am I experiencing amazing results with this product, but my clients report that they see a visible difference in their hair, skin, and nails!! The complements that we receive from onlookers is numerous!! I love Isotonix products, but OPC-3 Beauty Blend has to be my absolute favorite supplement!!