Isotonix® Daily Essentials Kit (Without Iron) - Includes Multivitamin without Iron (90 servings), OPC-3 (90 servings), Activated B-Complex (90 servings) and Calcium Plus (90 servings)

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These products are the best way to take my vitamin supplements that I've ever known. You can actually feel the difference and they taste great. I've never felt better.


Great Product, Great Combination

I had strayed away from this Isotonix due to cost, but the saying is true, you get what you pay for. Tried my own combinations of lower cost suppliments, but did not receive the results I did in the past with Isotonix I can tell you within a week, I started noticing a differents in energy and the ablity to rest better during down time to rejuvenate.

I don't belive in going over the top in reviews, but what I can tell you, I've noticed a marked difference, it's a cost effective product and it preforms they way It was presented to me. My Isotonix consultant does a great job in presenting the facts abount the product, she knows what it does and explans it well.

You don't need to be concerned about this product, it preforms well.



I was a skeptic at first and my friend told me to try it faithfully for 1 week. I can't tell you what a difference in my life this has made. I have more energy than I have every had and I feel great. This is amazing!!! I don't go a day without it. One time I forgot to take it and I was sluggish the whole day and could not focus. It lasts a long time. I would not go without this product ever!!!!


Super Satisfied!

I ordered the product and it arrived even quicker than I thought. Great product and reasonably priced; very happy.


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Never be without!!

I feel a difference when I take them🌞
I feel a difference when I don't ☹
I will NEVER be without!!!