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How GoTrim™ Slim Benefits You

Love how you look and feel

GoTrim™ Slim: the game-changer in your weight loss journey. Made with clinically proven ingredient Slendacor® that helps shed pounds and improve body shape, this revolutionary supplement assists your metabolism and promotes fat breakdown without compromising muscle mass.

Experience a more vibrant you through GoTrim Slim’s vegan and gluten-free formula formulated with the natural power of international bestseller Slendacor®. GoTrim Slim is more than just a weight loss tool; it's a path to a healthier you—both in weight and body composition. Simple to incorporate into your daily routine, GoTrim Slim is the ideal fuel to help you look great, feel better and achieve your health goals!

  • Promotes reduced fat for a lower BMI
  • Assists your metabolism
  • Won't compromise muscle mass
  • Helps keep your cholesterol and glucose levels on track

Meet Your Fitter, Healthier Self with GoTrim Slim

What Makes GoTrim Slim Unique?

Weight is gained and lost differently by everyone, making dieting both a physical and emotional endeavor. Several factors play into our ability to maintain or regain a healthy body weight, healthy ratio of fat to lean muscle mass, and an energetic metabolism, from our exercise choices, sleep habits and diet to age and genetics. It all adds up. A healthy body composition is often accompanied by healthier hormone levels, blood glucose levels, lipid profiles, resting metabolic rate, fat cell signaling and blood cholesterol levels. Extra pounds, outside of a healthy recommended body mass index (BMI) or healthy ratio of fat to lean muscle mass, may lead to a heavier workload for one’s metabolism and cardiovascular function. There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your healthy weight goals. But there are some common targets in metabolism that, when addressed, can support losing excess body fat and help maintain healthy lean body mass. One example emphasizes the significance of factors linked to aging and adiposity. Specifically, promoting fat signaling noted for impact on healthy fat deposition, cardiovascular and metabolic health.

When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, herbal weight loss aids are a popular way to support weight loss, fitness and healthy aging goals. But not all these formulas are non-stimulatory, and not all of them target adiposity factors such as lipids and fat cell maturation (also known as fat cell duplication and size). The use of targeted botanical ingredients is increasing, and not just among those who want to lose weight. The right formula can support fitness goals as well as weight loss goals. More and more individuals, including fitness enthusiasts and aging individuals, consider taking well-designed botanical formulas to maintain a healthy metabolism. Still, the consumer is often confused about what to take and what a formula may do to help them with their health objective. Having a formula that targets multiple mechanisms of weight loss not only provides an effective way to help you reach your desired weight, but also makes it possible to do so without compromising muscle mass or your adrenal support or burdening you with multiple supplements or a hard-to-follow regimen. The consumer market seems to agree: Weight loss supplementation is expected to reach a total estimated global market size of US$116.6 billion by 2028.

GoTrim Slim is a vegan and gluten-free formula containing 900 mg of the patented Slendacor®*, a clinically studied ingredient that has been shown to support weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise in both overweight and healthy-weight adults. In addition, Slendacor helps target visceral and cardiometabolic factors in both men and women. It's a scientifically backed, proprietary blend of the ingredients Curcuma longa, Murraya koenigii and Moringa oleifera. A hallmark of Slendacor®* is its non-stimulatory benefit in weight loss. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, it offers statistically significant support for weight loss in as little as two weeks, as well as consistently over time. Slendacor helps you reach both your short-term and long-term weight management goals, while supporting your overall wellness goals. Slendacor shows non-stimulant thermogenesis, meaning it may stimulate your resting metabolic rate (RMR), leading to burning more calories at rest. One study showed a 15.2% increase in RMR after one week of daily use. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) helps measure how much energy the body uses when in a resting state, or the energy that is required by the body to carry out the basic functions needed for survival. A lower RMR can make maintaining weight loss more difficult. A study on Slendacor revealed that its ingredients promoted an increase in RMR in as little as 120 minutes. Higher RMR is associated with a promotion of caloric burning, demonstrating that Slendacor supports the body’s ability to burn more calories throughout the day, when at rest. One of the distinct qualities of Slendacor is that, unlike other products, Slendacor stimulates resting energy expenditure (REE) without having an impact on one’s heart rate or blood pressure, making it a health and wellness formula that is suitable for many types of individuals.

A 16-week, double-blind clinical study revealed that a 900 mg daily serving of Slendacor supported weight loss, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, and a reduction in body mass index (BMI) and a reduction in waist-to-hip ratio. A healthy waist-to-hip ratio is considered a leading marker of overall metabolic health, is clinically linked to supported fat mass loss and healthy body composition. Participants who fell in the overweight category saw weight loss results in as little as eight weeks. Slendacor also demonstrated an ability to help maintain normal blood lipid profiles and healthy blood glucose levels in both men and women. The evidence of movement towards a healthy BMI among participants who took Slendacor was correlated with positive cardiovascular and metabolic health factors. Conclusions of the study stated measure of these metabolic factors indicates a well-supported metabolism. When compared to the placebo group, those who supplemented with Slendacor during studies showed a notable impact to their LDL/HDL cholesterol levels. The overall study suggests that Slendacor may help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

The study reported that participants who supplemented with Slendacor showed a 20% drop in ghrelin levels by the end of the study, which was double the reduction recorded in the placebo group. Ghrelin is the body’s hunger hormone that is released in the gut and communicates to the brain that you are hungry. By lowering levels of this hormone, we are more likely to be responsive to its kissing-cousin hormone, leptin, which helps one recognize the feeling of being full or satisfied. The supplementation group also demonstrated Slendacor’s capacity to support healthy levels of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein hormone that has been shown to be connected to the body’s process of lipid metabolism that promotes the breakdown of fat in the body. When working to reach your weight loss goals, physical activity that induces the maintenance or growth of muscle mass, such as strength training, alongside supplementation may provide more benefits than taking a weight loss supplement alone. Having more muscle mass is correlated with a healthy metabolic rate and burning more calories when you are at rest.

Today’s healthy weight-conscious consumers are interested in more than merely pounds on the scale; they also want more strength, muscle mass and support for a robust and energetic metabolism. GoTrim Slim, with its synergistic complex of ingredients in Slendacor, offers more results for your hard work. Don’t wait to start reaching your healthy weight goals — take the initiative today. As Shakespeare wrote, “Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*SLENDACOR® is a registered trademark of PLT Health Solutions-Laila Nutraceuticals LLC.

Primary Benefits* of GoTrim Slim

Burn fat, keep muscle!

  • Promotes lipolysis in adipocytes
  • Promotes the breakdown/reduction of fat in the body
  • Stimulates resting energy expenditure/resting metabolic rate
  • Helps maintain normal blood lipid profiles
  • Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  • Supports healthy levels of adiponectin
  • Supports healthy fat cell maturation and fat cell signaling
  • Supports weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise
  • Promotes proper development of fat cells known as adipocytes
  • May help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • Promotes antioxidant activity

Primary Benefits* of GoTrim Slim

Product Classifications

Quality standards: GMP operations and standardized ingredients. 

Checked for: heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, allergens, residual solvents, potency and identity. 

Gluten-free: The finished product contains no detectable gluten (<10ppm gluten). 

No detectable GMOs: The finished product contains no detectable genetically modified organisms. 

Vegan: This product is made without ingredients produced by or derived from animals.

Key Ingredients

Slendacor® – proprietary blend containing horseradish tree leaf (Moringa alerifera), Murraya koenigii leaf extract (curry leaves), turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa)
Slendacor is a blend of three standardized herbal extracts: Moringa oleifera, commonly known as moringa, horseradish tree or drumstick tree; Murraya koenigii, commonly known as curry leaves; and Curcuma longa, commonly known as turmeric. Moringa oleifera leaves contain the vitamins A and C and several other compounds with antioxidant properties. These may help fight oxidative stress that can impact cellular health and function. By promoting cell function, numerous health benefits are achieved. When consumed, Moringa oleifera leaf extract can help support healthy blood glucose levels, and research suggests this may occur by promoting insulin secretion and sensitivity in the body. Murraya koenigii leaves are rich in bioactive compounds, and their extract has been found to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and display insulin mimetic effects (meaning insulin-like benefits), thereby supporting glucose metabolism. Curcuma longa rhizome extract contains a primary active ingredient known as curcumin, which has been found to have beneficial effects in the liver by reducing oxidative stress and supporting antioxidant enzymes. Consumption of Curcuma longa can promote insulin release and fatty acid uptake, which can influence the accumulation of fat in adipose tissues, while also contributing to lipid and cardiovascular benefits.

Another notable effect of consuming this herbal blend lies in its support of resting metabolic rate, which suggests that one mechanism by which it reduces body fat mass is by increasing energy expenditure. Reductions in body weight and BMI are exciting findings that support the use of Slendacor for weight management along with healthy diet and exercise. Adiponectin is a hormone that plays a role in regulating glucose levels and lipid metabolism, and its levels were promoted in individuals consuming Slendacor. Selected for its ability to impact adipogenesis, Slendacor’s unique herbal extract blend is an excellent choice for those looking to approach weight management via natural supplementation in combination with diet and exercise.

SLENDACOR® is a registered trademark of PLT Health Solutions-Laila Nutraceuticals LLC.

Avocado fruit extract (Persea americana)
Avocado (Persea americana) fruit extract is renowned for being high in monounsaturated fats and essential nutrients like vitamins C, E and K, as well as B vitamins and folate. Phytochemicals like carotenoids and phenolics can support the body’s defenses against oxidative stress, much like curry leaves, by free radical–scavenging activity. Ingestion of avocado fruit extract has been shown to help support blood glucose levels after eating, support digestion and contribute to healthy blood lipid profiles.


  1. How should I take this product?
    Adults: take 2 tablets daily before a meal. Do not exceed 2 tablets per day.

  2. Are there any warnings or contraindications associated with this product?
    If you are currently using warfarin (Coumadin), other antiplatelet/anticoagulant, antidiabetic or any other prescription drugs, or if you have an ongoing medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before using this product. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this product.

  3. Is GoTrim Slim a vegan product?
    Yes, this product is vegan, also making it suitable for vegetarians.

  4. How does muscle contribute to weight loss?
    When working to reach your weight loss goals, physical activity that induces the growth of muscle mass, such as strength training, may provide more benefits than taking a weight loss supplement alone. Having more muscle mass is correlated with supporting a healthy metabolic rate and burning more calories when you are at rest.

  5. How do you calculate BMI?
    BMI = weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703

  6. Is BMI the best way to establish if my weight is healthy?
    BMI has limitations in that it does not evaluate body build. BMI has been used for decades to establish nutritional status, but there's no evidence of fat mass or muscle mass because it is based off total body weight and height.

  7. What effect does Slendacor have on one’s resting metabolic rate?
    A reduction in resting metabolic rate (RMR) can make maintaining weight loss more difficult. A study on Slendacor revealed that its ingredients promoted an increase in RMR. RMR describes how much energy the body uses when in a resting state, or the energy that is required by the body to carry out the basic functions needed for survival, including breathing, circulating blood, basic neurological functioning, food digestion, heart beating, organ functioning and more.

  8. Why did we choose to formulate this product with avocado extract?
    Avocado extract is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) that can be digested more quickly and easily than longer-chained triglycerides. Additionally, the bioactive compounds contained in avocado extract may have health benefits related to the maintenance of metabolism and weight.

  9. What are the two types of adipocytes (fat cells)?
    Adipocytes reside in specific areas of connective tissue, referred to as white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). These adipocytes are stored in the form of lipids and act as an energy reserve when the body demands it to carry out various vital functions; they exit the connective tissue and enter the circulation system as an energy source. WAT, generally located around the waist and thighs, serves as an energy source for the body and provides cushioning and insulation. BAT supports the body’s ability to generate heat and is generally local at the front and back of the neck area.


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by LetoshaH

  • Shop Consultant
Can I combine it with other products

I purchased this because Market America has such amazing products, and this sounds like a game changer for my weight management journey. I have not tried it yet because I wanted to confirm if I can combine it with one of my favorite products, Trim Tea? If not, I will start it after I finish my box of trim tea.

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your trust and excitement about our GoTrim™ Slim product. We're thrilled to be a part of your weight management journey. You can certainly combine GoTrim™ Slim with other TLS products like Trim Tea. However, it's always important to follow the individual usage instructions for each product. We hope this addresses your query. Should you have any more questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out. We wish you all the best on your health journey!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team

by BryanO

  • Shop Consultant
This product is a must try!

Love this new product! I have noticed a marked difference in not feeling hungry, not looking for something to snack on between well balanced meals, and in two weeks have lost five pounds. Highly recommend this product for anyone who feels hungry or wants to snack all the time. The weight loss is a bonus, and of course depends on healthy eating habits and exercise routine.

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the GoTrim™ Slim! We are thrilled to hear that it has helped you feel less hungry and reduce the urge to snack. We always recommend incorporating healthy eating habits and exercise into your routine to support overall wellness. Your feedback is truly appreciated, and we're so glad you're happy with the results. Thank you for recommending our product!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team

by AliceT

  • Shop Consultant
I Love go Trim

I would like to know can I take go trim if I take medication, Thank you!

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for reaching out! If we are aware of any specific contraindications, these will be listed on the product label under the "Warning" section. If you are considering starting one of our supplements and have been diagnosed with a medical illness, being treated with medication, etc. you will need to ask your treating physician if they have any objection to starting a particular product(s). Only the treating physician would be able to determine if a particular supplement is appropriate for your wellness regimen. Your health and well-being are our top priority, so it's important to ensure the best course of action for your specific needs. Thank you for considering GoTrim Slim!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team


  • Shop Consultant
2 weeks in… and so excited!

In general, I adhere to a pretty healthy lifestyle. I’m two weeks in to engaging with the GoTrim Slim, and from my starting numbers I’m already seeing reductions in weight, BMI, and Body Fat % while making no additional changes in diet or movement. It’s amazing that the simple step of adding GoTrim Slim into my wellness regimen is already having noticeable benefits. Also, I love the Body Measurement Calculator Tool under Resources at TLSSlim•com. That free tool has really helped me in tracking my BMI and Body Fat %. I also appreciate that GoTrim is a non-stimulatory, vegan product that not only helps for weight loss but also protects muscle in the process, which is HUGE!!!

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for sharing your encouraging experience with GoTrim™ Slim. We're thrilled to hear that you've seen significant changes in weight, BMI, and body fat percentage in just two weeks, and that our product has been a valuable addition to your wellness routine. We also appreciate your positive feedback about our resources, such as the Body Measurement Calculator Tool. Your acknowledgment of GoTrim being a non-stimulatory, vegan product that also protect muscle mass is greatly appreciated. Your success inspires us to keep striving for excellence in our offerings. Thank you for choosing GoTrim™ Slim!

Thank you again,
The Product Information Team

by Anonymous

Gotrim Slim

I started taking the Gotrim Slim about 2 weeks ago and I can tell a difference in my appetite

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for sharing your experience with GoTrim™ Slim! We love hearing how our customers are noticing positive changes. It's great to hear that you're noticing a difference in your appetite. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Wishing you continued success on your health journey!

Thank you again!
The Product Information Team